04.08.2014 – Status Update in the Hunt

My friends, It is with a heavy heart —but great pride — that I must relate to you the events of the last 24 hours. Having established that the coordinates 39.04, – 115.92 identified the range known as Moody Mountain, our operatives moved in. Despite recent disagreements with the American… Read More

03.08.2014 – The Hunt for Silas

My friends, Operatives! In haste – we have the full set of coordinates. Thanks to ALL OF YOU for your code breaking efforts. We have triumphed. You should be proud. An elite group of Sanctuary Operatives are being scrambled as we speak. We hope to reach the coordinates’ location, the… Read More

01.08.2014 – Silas Nadir: The Final Clue

My friends, The final clue has arrived from Silas Nadir. So far you have collaboratively solved the following parts of a code we’re almost certain is a set of coordinates: 39.04, – 115. _ _ All we need is the final two digits and we stand a chance of catching… Read More

31.07.2014 – Update

My friends, Some of you might already have seen what appears to be a hacking of Derek Landy’s blog by one of Nadir’s accomplices. For those of you who have not, we encourage you swiftly to visit the blog for the second clue. Apparently, Nadir… Read More

28.07.2014 – We Need YOU!

My friends, Many of you have spotted the Facebook incursion on Sunday from escaped fugitive Silas Nadir. He’s taunting us. We need your help now more than ever. The first clue to Nadir’s location arrived late last night and we set our three top code-breakers to solve the puzzle. This… Read More

11.07.2014 – Theatre of Shadows

My friends, I know you have questions. I know you have concerns. At this early stage of the operation, questions and concerns are fully warranted. I have spoken with Elder Bespoke and Elder Mist, and we have agreed that the best thing for right now is to be completely honest… Read More

07.07.2014 – Prisoner 270914

Prisoner 270914 has escaped, and we need YOU to track him down. Eight weeks ago, Tyren Lament and others freed the sorcerer Argeddion from his prison. As you are undoubtedly aware, Argeddion was stopped shortly afterwards, thanks to the sterling efforts of Detectives Pleasant and Cain. What you will not… Read More