31.07.2014 – Update

My friends,

Some of you might already have seen what appears to be a hacking of Derek Landy’s blog by one of Nadir’s accomplices. For those of you who have not, we encourage you swiftly to visit the blog for the second clue.

Apparently, Nadir was unhappy with the tone of this second clue — he had wanted it to reference serial killer movies and horror films that would have left you disturbed and unnerved. So when his accomplice instead based it around his favourite movies from the 80’s, Silas was… displeased.

To escape Nadir’s wrath, this accomplice has since turned himself in and remains in our protective custody. The only useful piece of information we could glean from this man was the identity of the first Operative to solve both clues. I would like to personally congratulate Dionysus Pertinax for successfully calculating the first two parts of this mysterious sequence of numbers. As a reward for such hard work, Dionysus will receive a specially inscribed and signed copy of The Dying Of The Light.

Because of the work you’ve all been doing we now believe that the numbers may in fact be coordinates. Will it be Dionysus Pertinax who finishes the sequence, or will it be you?

There will be further rewards, as our captive has revealed that the final clue will be released at approximately 5pm tomorrow.

Your support remains invaluable as we continue the hunt for this deranged killer.

Yours in magic.

Grand Mage Erskine Ravel

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