01.08.2014 – Silas Nadir: The Final Clue

My friends,

The final clue has arrived from Silas Nadir.

So far you have collaboratively solved the following parts of a code we’re almost certain is a set of coordinates:

39.04, – 115. _ _

All we need is the final two digits and we stand a chance of catching up with Nadir before he kills again.

This image has come through — sent to us scrawled on the severed limb of a Sanctuary operative who went missing last night.

Since these look like they have been collected from a variety of magical alphabets, we have asked China Sorrows for her assistance.

China Sorrows has declined.

Time is of the essence so we must crowd source your brainpower. Operatives are encouraged to collaborate online.

Using the hashtag #Theatreofshadows will help you identify each other, but final answers should be sent directly to skulduggery@harpercollins.co.uk in case Nadir sees and moves on.

This is the trickiest one yet, my friends. Good luck.

Yours in magic,

Grand Mage Erskine Ravel

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