11.07.2014 – Theatre of Shadows

My friends,

I know you have questions. I know you have concerns. At this early stage of the operation, questions and concerns are fully warranted. I have spoken with Elder Bespoke and Elder Mist, and we have agreed that the best thing for right now is to be completely honest with you.

Silas Nadir has killed again.

We were too late to stop him, and he has taken another innocent life. Our Prime Detectives, Pleasant and Cain, are still missing. We are starting to fear the worst.

Many of you have already pledged support on the ground in Dublin for 27th September. Your bravery has not gone unnoticed. We thank you for that.

Even more of you have been watching from the wings, awaiting further instruction, and I cannot stress enough how much this mission needs your URGENT help even if you cannot make it to Dublin on 27th September.

We have heard distressing reports of a global network of Nadir’s accomplices. I do not wish to worry you unduly, but right now Prisoner 270914 could be right next door to you — whether you live in Edinburgh or Washington, Adelaide or Stockholm. Be on your guard.

We need you to be our eyes and ears on the ground and online. I can assure you, the rewards will be prodigious. We have access to a man some call ‘the Golden God’, who is promising hand-written letters of appreciation and personal skype meetings with the most deserving of our Online Operatives. I will have more information to share on this very shortly…

But before we can set you your tasks – we need to know where our Operatives are spread via social media.

Tweet us your taken name, and use the hashtag #270914 so that we can identify you. Remember, Nadir’s accomplices are everywhere. If somebody tweets without this hashtag, they are not to be trusted.

Detectives Pleasant and Cain had something they said to each other frequently — three words that signified their loyalty and their determination. We need that loyalty from you. We need that determination. When you tweet us, along with the hashtag, we need you to repeat the following phrase:

“Until the end.”

Thank you, my friends, and be ever watchful.

Yours in Magic,

Grand Mage Erskine Ravel

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