07.07.2014 – Prisoner 270914

Prisoner 270914 has escaped, and we need YOU to track him down.

Eight weeks ago, Tyren Lament and others freed the sorcerer Argeddion from his prison. As you are undoubtedly aware, Argeddion was stopped shortly afterwards, thanks to the sterling efforts of Detectives Pleasant and Cain.

What you will not be aware of is that the serial killer Silas Nadir, Prisoner 270914, was amongst those who escaped in the confusion.

Which is why we need you.

Our forces are stretched thin. With tensions mounting between the Sanctuaries, we can little afford to divert our seasoned sorcerers to this manhunt. We realise that none of you have completed your training, but in agreeing to help us stop Nadir, you will be granted temporary Operative status.

For those Operatives who are stationed elsewhere, and for those Operatives from other Sanctuaries who wish to help, your assistance will be invaluable. You will, of course, need access to the Internet from which you can solve puzzles and guide the Operatives on the ground. As Online Operatives, you will be an essential part of this operation, and we cannot succeed without you.

At a cost of 60 euros, 200 Operatives who can make it to Dublin for September 27th, 2014, will receive elite training (and well-deserved souvenirs of battle) in order to take part in the physical investigation – a 2.5 hour adventure.

A further 50 PLACES will be awarded through competitive initiatives so any Operative who is able to get themselves to Dublin is advised to lookout for details of how they can secure such a place.

Beware — this investigation will require you to traverse the streets of Dublin, spiritual home of the Irish Sanctuary, under the watchful eye of seasoned sorcerers, searching for clues and battling unknown enemies.

Once the investigation is over — and ALL Operatives emerge triumphant — they will be rewarded with a brand new story delivered on the day.
The recruiting office opens TODAY at 4PM: theatreofshadows.ie

One thing I feel I should mention. Tracking Silas Nadir will not be easy. We have already sent two of our best detectives to bring him in, and this forms our second objective.

Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain have gone missing.

We need you to find them.

Yours in magic,

Grand Mage Erskine Ravel

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