Skulduggery Pleasant - Skulduggery Pleasant (16) – A Mind Full of Murder

By Derek Landy

A bone-shaking new trilogy begins – the latest adventure in the bestselling Skulduggery Pleasant series


When it restarted, blinking back into existence, it brought with it a darkness that remains hidden from the mortal population.

A week ago – fuelled by unimaginable hatred and unstoppable rage – a masked sorcerer killed one of those mortals. Then he killed another. And another.

With their time running out, Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain must work to solve the puzzles the killer leaves behind before more innocents die, embarking on a journey that will force them to deal with the apocalypse they failed to prevent the first time around.


Format: Hardback
Ageband: 11 to 14
Release Date: 28 Mar 2024
Pages: 416
ISBN: 978-0-00-858582-2
Derek Landy lives near Dublin. Before writing his children\'s story about a sharply-dressed skeleton detective, he wrote the screenplays for a zombie movie and a murderous horror film. \"I think my career-guidance teacher is spinning in her grave,\" he says, \"or she would be if she were dead.\".

Praise for the Skulduggery Pleasant series: -

”'A writer at the height of his powers . . . Whatever your age, read them and enjoy the ride” - Irish Independent

”'Fast and funny” - The Times

”'Skulduggery Pleasant serves up a thoroughly satisfying blend of humour, magic and adventure” - Rick Riordan

”'Landy's witty style will win him fans of all ages” - Irish Mail on Sunday

”'Hugely enjoyable - a thrill-a-minute adventure” - Jonathan Stroud

”'A fast evolving plot and a great mix of scariness and humour” - Sunday Express

”'Exciting, pacy, nicely handled and fun” - Philip Ardagh, Guardian

”'Gripping” - Observer

”'A remarkably accomplished debut with wonderful dialogue” - Irish Times

”'A rip-roaring adventure” - Irish Sunday Independent