We have a new lead…


We have a new lead.

We appear to have at least partially deciphered the soundbite received from Detective Cain on 17th September. Some of you pointed out that Valkyrie could be talking about ‘runes’. We asked for assistance from an individual some of you may be familiar with, a Miss China Sorrows. She, in turn, led us to a series of ancient stygian scrolls. These scrolls describe runes that are able to traverse time and space, and can appear anywhere and everywhere. It is likely that these runes have some sort of meaning that we cannot, at this stage, determine. Hence I must once again ask for your help.

Have you found any runes? They might appear in either our physical and online universe — or both. On art, in pictures, on sites related in any way to Skulduggery and Valkyrie.

The Sanctuary needs you. Search high and low for these runes, and if you find any please post a picture of yourself on the Facebook Reflections Hall of Fame whilst holding an image — or holding a simple drawing of the rune you have found — so that we can examine and interpret them. Please leave a comment on the Facebook page with the hashtag #TheatreofShadows if you have any theory as to what it means.

It seems we are closer than ever to unravelling the mystery of the Detectives’ disappearance, but we need to work together now. Onwards operatives! The 27th of September is imminent.

Yours in Magic,

Erskine Ravel

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