Happy Publication Day, Minions!

Even though you’ve probably got your little noses buried in a copy of The Dying of the Light, don’t forget about the Requiem Ball tonight!

Even if you weren’t luck enough to win tickets, Derek would still love for you to be involved. Check out our REQUIEM BALL EVENT PACK page on the website, stocked with goodies for your very own party. Wherever you are in the world and so long as you can get online, YOU can join major moments from the Requiem Ball via the LIVE STREAMING from 7 pm BST (British Summer Time) tomorrow and Derek is hoping that LOADS of you will be honoured Ball participants !

Share your stories and pics live from the night with the hashtag #REQUIEMBALL: Derek (@DerekLandy) and we are dying to see your cakes, shiny new books, masks, costumes, all your CELEBRATIONS on this epic day.

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