Exquisite Corpse – THE WINNERS

You might remember that we launched our very first Exquisite Corpse competition to go hand in hand with the publication of The Maleficent Seven not too long ago. Since the competition closed, Derek has been really busy judging all the – to be perfectly honest – astoundingly brilliant entries we had. They literally blew us away. It was so tricky for Derek to judge, that we’ve actually got joint winners!

Here’s what the golden god himself has to say…


“This wasn’t easy. It was so difficult, in fact, that I had to pick two winners instead of only one. It’s pure coincidence that both of them happen to be drawings— we had some fantastic stories, poems, some amazing songs, and even a model or two… A selection of the entries will be posted on my blog, because honestly, they’re too good not to be recognised by you lot…”


Without further delay, here they are!


Gayou & Shannae Koster


Gae¦êlle Calmels  Shannae Koster


I hope you’re all cheering, because these brilliant masterpieces deserve it!


If you keep your minion-y eyes on Derek’s blog here, as he’s going to post some other favourites very soon.

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