Die Horribly Winner!

As many of you lovely minions might remember, late last year we ran a competition for one of you to DIE HORRIBLY in the final Skulduggery Pleasant novel. Thousands of you entered. Some of you entered more than once. It could be said that some of you entered many times. As ever, we weren’t surprised at all by how brilliant all your entries were. Thank you to everyone who took part…

Now on to the exciting bit! Our very own Golden God has finished writing the final novel, The Dying of the Light. And as he has finished it, we now have the name of the WINNER! Drum roll please. The winner is Lewis Holmes. Congratulations, Lewis. In just a few months, you will be able to see something many people do not. You will be able to see how you would die if you lived in the pages of a Skulduggery Pleasant novel. We are all very jealous!

Check out Derek’s blog to hear more about it.

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