17.09.2014 – Time is running out…

Operatives, as the time draws near, I feel it is important to share some vital information with you.

Following an anonymous tip, we believe Detectives Pleasant and Cain tracked fugitive serial killer Silas Nadir to a location near Dame Street in the centre of Dublin. Detective Pleasant had earlier hinted as to a mystery deeper than a simple manhunt, but declined my request to elaborate as, and I quote, “that’d spoil all the fun.”

Fearing that this secrecy might prove disastrous, the Sanctuary dispatched its finest officials to provide backup, but it seems they arrived too late. At around the same time, I received a telephone call from Detective Cain.

We have a transcript from our code breaking centre : “Erskine, it’s not just Nadir, he (unintelligible)… Killing people, using their (unintelligible)… ” and a recording of the last few seconds.

That is the last time either of the detectives were able to make contact and both Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain are missing.

We need your help. Time is running out.

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