Skulduggery Holiday Art

Happy New Year, Minions! It seems you may have an element of skill after all… Here are the festive #SkulduggeryHolidayArt images you proffered the Golden God. If you shared your work then we salute you.

Dead Pleasant Christmas gift tags to download

UK Xmas gift tags   So you think you're ready for Christmas? With these delectable Skulduggery Pleasant gift tags you may just be! Download to your heart's content and wish everyone you know a Dead Pleasant Christmas...

Skulduggery Pleasant Book 11 Tour Announcement


Stop counting down - the time is now! Meet Derek at one of the events listed below and get your copy of Midnight signed by the Golden God himself.

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Midnight … coming soon!

The clock is ticking. The countdown is on ... Until Midnight.

Minions stand by. Book 11 is out in June 2018.
Midnight by Derek Landy

Gather ye, and tremble!

The brand new editions of Dark Days, Mortal Coil and Death Bringer are out now, complete with new covers. Watch the trailer now!

Resurrection Tour 2017

Roll out the red carpet, the skeleton detective is back and in a town near you - come get some! Read more »


This skeleton is fond of a stylish new jacket or two.

Or three.

We proudly reveal the new jackets for Dark Days, Mortal Coil and Death Bringer.

Skulduggery Pleasant Books 4 5 6 - redesign

Drink in their magnificence and then go sit in a dark room until your heart rate returns to normal.

Out on the 4th May 2017.  Come Get Some.  


Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection. The new beginning starts June 2017. Skulduggery Pleasant 10 - Resurrection by Derek Landy

Skulduggery Pleasant - Derek Landy - New Book jackets 1 2 3

No Tricks, Just Treats

Well minions, it’s that time again. The air is crackling with dark magic, the Halloween costumes are ready to go, and the creatures of the night are ready to walk among us once again… Read more »

MINIONS… are you ready?

You think you know PAIN? You think you know FEAR? You know NOTHING, Minions. Read more »