AOH trailer

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly bring you the trailer for Armageddon Outta Here. Behold the awesome...   Read more in Derek's latest blog post

The Requiem Ball

  Minions, Derek is delighted to announce that a special, exclusive gathering will take place in London on publication day, August 28th. Read his blog to find out more about...

Skulduggery Teaser v2

Derek Landy Blogs Under Duress

A Note From Nadir

I'm watching.I'm watching you scramble, all confused. "But this one is HARD!" "But where do we even START?"You make me laugh. Call yourselves sorcerers when you can't even identify six of the most well-known magical alphabets in the world?Time is a-ticking, and are awaiting your responses EVER so anxiously.I've decided that if you can't figure out where I am in the next three days, I'm going to kill one of you. Because I know who you are.And I'm... Read More »