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Magical serial killer Silas Nadir is on a rampage. Skulduggery and Val have disappeared. It’s up to a new breed of Sanctuary Operatives to follow the clues, learn the incantations and laugh in the face of evil! What operatives?

Set in-between the action of Skulduggery books 7 and 8, this is a unique opportunity to travel back in the narrative and fight the bad guys with Skul and Val.


Get ready for the immersive fan event like no other! Theatre of Shadows is an electrifying quest, covering the shady streets of Derek Landy’s Dublin.

You, the Operatives, get to play as a magical version of yourself, a fresh recruit of the Sanctuary, dispatched to solve the mystery of Skulduggery and Valkyrie’s disappearance. The magical training you’ll get is just the beginning. Find hidden sigils, interrogate mysterious characters, fight evil creatures and discover the horrors hidden in spectacular Dublin locations!

As if that weren’t enough, Derek himself will be in attendance!

Disclaimer: The live event is not for the faint of heart and will involve some chasing, imaginary spellcasting, pretty gruesome enemies and probably quite a bit of panic and shouting. It’s gonna be a blast but please ask your parent or guardian for permission to attend. The live event is strictly 11+, with the main focus on hardcore Skulduggery fans ages 13 to 16. We do not recommend parents or grown-ups to join their kids. It’s very hard to be a hero if Mum or dad are hanging around. Participants with any specific mobility requirements will need to let the event producers know well in advance of the event.
The event is produced by the veteran living drama company Odyssé.dk and supported by trained, Garda-vetted volunteers from Fighting Words and local Dublin theatres. Please see the event FAQ’s for more information.

As the “lucky” Live Operatives head for certain doom in Dublin, they need all the help they can get!

As the trouble brews in Dublin, the Live Operative’s smart, daring and eloquent peers all over the globe will be able to join free online as Remote Operatives.

While the focus might be on helping the Live Operatives avoid untimely, and unpleasant, demises, the Online Mystery features unique puzzles and challenges.

And who knows? Do or say something witty enough and it might make it into the Theatre of Shadows short story!

As the story unfolds,  Derek Landy will be writing a brand new short story based upon . This means that the actions of both Live and Remote Operatives could well feature in and influence that story! All registrants will get a digital copy of the story itself, while ticket-holding Live Operatives will receive an exclusive signed cover for this piece of bespoke fiction.

All participants in the live event, as well as the best Remote Operatives, will receive exclusive Theatre Of Shadows loot bags.

The best Remote Operatives will receive exclusive Theatre Of Shadows loot-bags and memorabilia. Watch this space for more news.

Tickets for the live-event 
in Dublin cost €60, which includes snacks and a packed loot-bag. Travel and accommodation are not included.

You can pre-order your unique Theatre of Shadows hoodies and T-shirts when you’re buying your ticket.

Tickle your parents until they realize a vacation in Dublin is the only sane choice this autumn.
Online participation is free of charge. Just click here to sign up!

Your Sanctuary needs you! Join the fight at #TheatreofShadows



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