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We’ve put together a series of resources for Key Stage 2 that you can use in activities at your school! Download below. (PDF)

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Wonder what teachers think of Skulduggery Pleasant?

“Derek should come and see just what a difference his books also make to literacy skills. As a non-selective school, we have disaffected students who haven’t read a book in years. Our Friday 5 Reading Club targets these students by providing modern, exciting books. Our motto is How can I read for fun if I have nothing fun to read? Derek’s novels simply make these students want to read again  with quite incredible results. ”
–Colette Bennett,
St George’s School
“He is amazing and a real inspiration.”
–Mr Sturrock,
Quarrydale Academy
“We think you are the best!  You are the pupils' favourite.”
–Mrs Robinson,
Scarborough College
“My students were hooked on Skulduggery Pleasant right from the beginning. The book works for students like mine because the story is fast-paced, with quick-witted dialogue, and while the language is accessible, it doesn’t talk down to them. The characters are quirky and their interactions are both humorous and heart-warming.  The students laughed out loud in parts, and often read the story in class using different voices, which is a real achievement for them in developing their social imagination.”
–Bridget Young,
The Holmewood School - Specialist Autism and SEN School

And what about the students? Here's what they have to say

“In Year 6 my teacher read Skulduggery to the class. I fell in love with the story and bought it myself. I now own every single one and have read the first one eight times. I don’t what I’d do without it!”
“Derek is a great inspiration and a positive influence for us all because he shows what your life could become if you follow your dreams.”
–Cameron and Maisie
“Your [Derek's] imagination and the thought and detail you put into your books is amazing.”

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