Gordon Edgley: The Writer. The Man. The Legend.

Gordon Edgley: One of the greatest horror writers of his – or any – time…


To commemorate of the upcoming exhibition celebrating his life and works, we’re holding a review competition. We’ve selected some of his most well-received and horrifying novels: Brain Muncher, And the Darkness Rained Upon ThemThe Coward Corporal Fleece and of course, Caterpillars. Which one is your favourite? Which one has struck terror into your very heart? Which one has caused sleepless night after sleepless night? We’re looking for the most creative review of one of these novels. You have 250 words to tell us what you loved most it. There will be one winner for each of these ground-breaking works of fiction. We will be selecting winners in the next week and the prize will be a one of a kind poster featuring your chosen novel.


To enter, send your 250 word review to skulduggery@harpercollins.co.uk. Please include GORDON EDGLEY COMPETITION in the subject line and include your full name, address and age in the email.


You must be over 13 to enter and unfortunately this competition isn’t open to Gordon’s fans in the USA, Norway or Sweden. If you’d still like to share your reviews with us, please head over to the Skulduggery Pleasant Facebook page, where the admins have kindly allowed us to post Gordon’s novels for your comments.


Terms and Conditions apply. Closing date: 23rd September 2014.



Brain Muncher


A timeless love story set against a backdrop of cannibalism in upstate New York.

When cynical journalist Jack Irons meets Natasha, the beautiful widow of a famed anthropologist, things finally seem to be going his way. But before long a virus is spreading throughout New York, and as the streets teem with murderous maniacs, Jack faces a choice:

Escape in the Channel 8 Newscopter — or hunt through the city for the woman he loves?

A woman who hides a DEADLY SECRET.





For years, caterpillars have been seen as harmless insects, a danger only to leaves and the income of farmers. But now a new breed has emerged. Changed. Evolved. MUTATED.

And this time they hunger for HUMAN FLESH.



The Coward


Returning in his sixth adventure, Corporal Fleece finds himself stationed at the Western Front.

With no one to turn to, he must use his own ingenuity to escape the fighting. But along the way, Fleece has made some VERY dangerous enemies in his own ranks, and they are coming for him. With the Germans in front, and the Allies behind, it will take all of Fleece’s cunning to emerge alive from THIS one.

Also includes the short story “My Dinner With Hitler”.



And the Darkness


An instant classic. A haunting horror. The book that killed its author.

Gordon Edgely died writing this elegant portrayal of one man’s descent into madness, orchestrated by forces beyond his comprehension. By turns poignant, terrifying, and darkly comic, this is the story that Edgley was born to write, and that you were born to read.

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