It's a tricky one isn't it, what image should you put on your desktop? It needs to reflect who you feel you are as a person, it needs to show your unique edge and sense of humour. It should preferably feature a skeletal detective and his assistants. It's one of these.

Screen Savers

Computer screens are slowly being burnt out, purely because their owners have not installed one of these glorious screen savers. Help us to bring an end to this sensless waste! Download a Skulduggery screensaver today.

MP3s & Ringtones

What better way to relax than with a spine tingling slice of Horror-Hop. Experience this brand new, exciting and, quite frankly, just made-up musical genre first hand with "Skulled" by Sylvan. A bone shaking bass line merges with vintage horror movie samples.

Annoy your friends and anyone else within hearing distance by downloading one of our ringtone MP3s and playing it on your phone. Loud!