Skulduggery Book Slam


Skulduggery Book Slam


Skulduggery Pleasant is coming back from the dead and we’re celebrating with the ultimate fandom battle of the books!

In a (possibly vain) effort to prepare your feeble brains for the release of the long-awaited new book, Resurrection, we’re introducing the Skulduggery Book Slam!

From that very first meeting at Gordon’s funeral to the whole saving-the-world-on-multiple-occasions thing, we know you each have your favourite characters, your favourite lines, your favourite moments… but which one is the fandom’s favourite book?

That’s what we’re here to find out.

Over the next nine days you’ll be hearing from some of the world’s most dedicated Skulduggery fans as they defend their favourite book of the series in this, the Battle to end all Battles. Read in awe as these brave souls venture boldly into the ARENA OF MUCH PAIN, where they will endeavour to convince you that their chosen book should be crowned the fandom favourite; watch your hand shake with nervous anticipation as it places your vote for the greatest book of the series; prepare to weep tears of bitter sorrow or crow with triumphant jubilation as the results are revealed on the eve of Resurrection’s publication during the Skulduggery Facebook Seance.

Think you can handle the emotional torment? THEN BRING ON THE BOOK SLAM!!!

*** WARNING! As well as triumph, torment and tortured pleas to vote, the Book Slam may contain spoilers for those that haven’t read the Skulduggery Pleasant series, Books 1 – 9 ***





















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