Book Slam – Round 7

The Skulduggery Book Slam – the ultimate battle of the books!
With just weeks to go until the release of Resurrection, join us for 9 days of heated wordsmith warfare as the world’s most dedicated fans take to the arena in an attempt to convince YOU that their favourite book deserves to be crowned the ALL-TIME FANDOM FAVOURITE! Want your chance to join the fray? Don’t get caught cold, follow along on Facebook for all the latest ring-side action…

*** Warning! If you haven’t read Kingdom of the Wicked (and shame on you if you haven’t), be aware that this post contains spoilers! ***




As the seventh heat hots up, three new fans prepare to bring BOOK 7 – KINGDOM OF THE WICKED to the arena. Will they defend its honour and secure your vote?! Over to you superfans… 


Q1. You’re trapped in an alternate dimension. The evil version of you is threatening to use the Decapitator Device on you unless you can explain the plot in less than ten words. What do you say?

Given Name: Keegan / Taken Name: Saracen Knightfall – Skulduggery and Val stop god from giving mortals magic.

Given Name: James / Taken Name: Christopher Nekros – Giving magic to the wrong people causes psychosis.

Given Name: Rhiannon / Taken Name: Mendacious Zodiac – A pacifist sorcerer wants to infect the world with magic.



Q2. You break free of the Device, and run. Evil-You gives chase. Evil-You is EVIL. You get to a door, and a voice demands the password. The password is the name of the best character and an explanation in no more than nine words as to WHY this character is the best.

S.K. – Valkyrie Cain: witty, well dressed, not afraid to fight.


C.N. – Lord Vile: he’s methodical and calculating. Skulduggery but evil.


M.Z. – Nefarian Serpine: cruel yet charming, persuasive and cunning.



Q3. The door opens. You find yourself in a dimly-lit bar. You tell the bartender you’re looking for a shunter named Shadowface. The bartender demands to know which moment from the book made you grin like a demented idiot. Answer him!

S.K. – Skulduggery revealing that he can now fly

C.N. – The moment Vile interrupted the prison break and sent a spy to the Resistance base so he could follow. The way we finally get to read about a fully powered Lord Vile was something I’d dreamed of since Playing With Fire.

M.Z. – The fight between Valkyrie and the abominable snowman




Q4. The bartender nods to a man sitting in the corner. You approach. Shadowface tells you he can send you home, providing you tell him which moment in the book would compete for ‘most Skulduggery-ish moment ever written’.

S.K. – 

“You have no idea about presents or what they mean. The last present you gave me was a stick.”

“You wanted a weapon.”

“It was a stick.”

“It had a bow on it.”

“It was a stick.”

“I thought you liked the stick. You laughed.”


C.N. – When Skulduggery and Valkyrie meet Serpine and Skulduggery very politely takes Serpines offer to kill him

M.Z. – Trying to shoot Argeddion then asking for his gun back because he’s sentimental like that.



Q5. Shadowface takes you on a perilous journey across this dark, unnamed city. You battle unholy terrors. You bond as warriors. He opens a portal to send you home and Evil-You appears, striking him down. With his dying breath, Shadowface asks you how you felt when you finished reading this book. He only has moments to live — answer in less than ten words!

S.K. – There has never been another series like it.

C.N. – Amazed. Left me wanting more.

M.Z. – In complete awe, disbelief and ecstatic all at once.




Q6. You rise, and turn to Evil-You. Evil-You laughs, and says nasty things about your hair. You attack! As you fight, you distract your evil self by describing the book in just three words.

S.K. – God can’t win.

C.N. – Hilarious. Awesome. Perfect.

M.Z. – Tense, unpredictable, fearsome.


Q7. Using nothing but skill, determination, good old-fashioned courage and a rock you picked up from the ground, you emerge victorious from this battle. Before you jump through the portal you look back, and you tell Evil-You that good shall always triumph over wickedness. Then you add, in no more than 150 words, why your favourite book deserves to be crowned the all-time greatest Skulduggery Book Slam champion.

S.K. – This is the story of Darquesse in our first real fight we see her in. Nothing compares to her first dealing with super powered children, before dealing with Skulduggery’s ultimate evil opposite. The fight is amazing, and the quips between the two are as always incredibly entertaining to read. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and waiting for the pair to find some kind of comedic transition towards doing something they hated. Also, what Skulduggery pleasant novel is complete without a mention or two of a sparrow flying south for the winter. You can’t help but smile as they tend to stare certain death in the face, even in the face of losing their hat. Valkyrie as always provides a great middleground for the viewer to focus through, where she breaks stereotypes as often as she does bones.


C.N. – I think this book deserves to win because it encompasses more than one story. We see a world ruled by Mevolent. We see a blighted vision of a perfect world. And we see the arrogance of wronged teens. We see why the Council of Elders is needed and we see what madetails Skulduggery such a brilliant soldier against Mevolent’s forces. The story arc is amazingly funny and it is such a classic Skulduggery story. To add a cherry on top we get a mere glimpse of the future where Darquesse rules over Valkyrie. Her ferocity is amazing and her nonchalance about reattaching her head before showing the importance of learned magic


M.Z. – The plot is unlike anything that happens in any other skulduggery Pleasant book. The villain’s motives are well founded and it challenges the reader to consider the morality of stopping him, or whether he is right in his beliefs. We also get a chance to meet characters in a unique way that we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise such as Mevelont. In addition to the large scale dangerous battles in the alternate reality, the meetings with the supreme council feel equally as intense and make you question the decisions of your favourite characters.

And you JUMP.

It’s a truly wicked contender, but is it the greatest Skulduggery book of all time?? Roll up your sleeves and get stuck into the skirmish over on Facebook

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