Book Slam – Round 3

The Skulduggery Book Slam – the ultimate battle of the books!
With just weeks to go until the release of Resurrection, join us for 9 days of heated wordsmith warfare as the world’s most dedicated fans take to the arena in an attempt to convince YOU that their favourite book deserves to be crowned the ALL-TIME FANDOM FAVOURITE! Want your chance to join the fray? Don’t get caught cold, follow along on Facebook for all the latest ring-side action…

** Warning! If you haven’t read The Faceless Ones (and shame on you if you haven’t), be aware that this post contains spoilers! **




Tensions are rising in the Skulduggery Book Slam and the war continues to rage over on Facebook. But have these three Skulduggery fans got the killer instinct needed to convince you that BOOK THREE – THE FACELESS ONES is the best book of the series? Over to you superfans… 


Q1. You’re trapped in an alternate dimension. The evil version of you is threatening to use the Decapitator Device on you unless you can explain the plot in less than ten words. What do you say?

Given Name: Kate / Taken Name: Nevala Morose – Local gangs start fight over door.

Given Name: Seb / Taken Name: Obsidian Blaspheme – One man is possessed by his desperate inadequacy and then actually possessed.

Given Name: Em / Taken Name: Raven Absinthia – Lunatic brings back evil gods. Skullduggery and Valkyrie kick ass.



Q2. You break free of the Device, and run. Evil-You gives chase. Evil-You is EVIL. You get to a door, and a voice demands the password. The password is the name of the best character and an explanation in no more than nine words as to WHY this character is the best.

N.M. – Ghastly. Could kill a man, chooses to make clothes.

Ghastly Bespoke_Character Card


O.B. – Cameron Light’s ankle, who waited three books for a cameo.

R.A. – Kenspeckle Grouse. He’s a sassy old man with a soft spot.



Q3. The door opens. You find yourself in a dimly-lit bar. You tell the bartender you’re looking for a shunter named Shadowface. The bartender demands to know which moment from the book made you grin like a demented idiot. Answer him!

N.M. – When Ghastly becomes un-statuesque again and he and Skulduggery style out their reunion before actually hugging each other like soppy idiots.


O.B. – China Sorrows telling Valkyrie that her hatred for local flora was surely warranted. No doubt

R.A. –

“We’re going to let it chase us.”


“Well, I say ‘us’. I mean you.”



Q4. The bartender nods to a man sitting in the corner. You approach. Shadowface tells you he can send you home, providing you tell him which moment in the book would compete for ‘most Skulduggery-ish moment ever written’.

N.M. – And your beautiful smile is back. You know, sometimes I think I’m better than even I think I am.” – Skulduggery, simultaneously flattering and terribly self absorbed.

O.B. – Skulduggery shooting Thurid Guild in the leg. Just to be safe. Riiiight.

R.A. – When Kenspeckle and Skulduggery have their disagreement and Kenspeckle accuses Skulduggery of being uncivilized to which Skulduggery replies: “I’m sophisticated, charming, suave, and debonair, Professor. But I have never claimed to be civilized.”




Q5. Shadowface takes you on a perilous journey across this dark, unnamed city. You battle unholy terrors. You bond as warriors. He opens a portal to send you home and Evil-You appears, striking him down. With his dying breath, Shadowface asks you how you felt when you finished reading this book. He only has moments to live — answer in less than ten words!

N.M. – Devastated for Valkyrie, but excited by her determination.

O.B. – Elated! That was the year Dark Days was released early!

R.A. – I felt a jaw-dropping mass hatred of cliff-hangers.




Q6. You rise, and turn to Evil-You. Evil-You laughs, and says nasty things about your hair. You attack! As you fight, you distract your evil self by describing the book in just three words.

N.M. – Gripping, apocalyptic fun.

O.B. – RIP Cameron Light!

R.A. – Absolutely ridiculously addicting.


Q7. Using nothing but skill, determination, good old-fashioned courage and a rock you picked up from the ground, you emerge victorious from this battle. Before you jump through the portal you look back, and you tell Evil-You that good shall always triumph over wickedness. Then you add, in no more than 150 words, why your favourite book deserves to be crowned the all-time greatest Skulduggery Book Slam champion.

N.M. – Something Derek does wonderfully in The Faceless Ones is resolving just enough of the problems from Playing With Fire to give you a glimmer of hope, then he snatches it away again at the end by separating Skulduggery and Valkyrie who have just settled into their friendship. Then, at the very last moment, he gives back just a little piece of information to keep you wanting more. With the introduction of Fletcher we find out about a whole other branch of magic, and the reanimation of Ghastly strengthens the team dynamic and creates touching and funny moments. The contrast between the apocalyptic sense of danger in the opening of the portal and the small domestic scenes with Skulduggery and Valkyrie creates a perfect balance between tender and terrifying that I have always loved in these books. I’ve reread it a million times, and each time it only gets better.

O.B. – The Faceless Ones basically guaranteed that I was with the Skulduggery Pleasant series until the end. There’s no higher praise than that.

R.A. – It’s a brilliant whodunit with the most dramatic cliff-hanger of the whole series. The faceless ones are epic adversaries and are the perfect scary bad guys. Also, we get Ghastly back and Kenspeckle is still alive and kicking!

And you JUMP.

Well minions, what do you make of Book 3’s show-down? Would you have picked a different character, a different moment as your favourite? Do you agree that The Faceless Ones has the most dramatic ending? Could you bring yourself to crown it your all-time favourite?! Tell us what you think over on Facebook

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