Book Slam – Round 2

The Skulduggery Book Slam – the ultimate battle of the books!
With just weeks to go until the release of Resurrection, join us for 9 days of heated wordsmith warfare as the world’s most dedicated fans take to the arena in an attempt to convince YOU that their favourite book deserves to be crowned the ALL-TIME FANDOM FAVOURITE! Want your chance to join the fray? Don’t get caught cold, follow along on Facebook for all the latest ring-side action…

** Warning! If you haven’t read Playing With Fire (and shame on you if you haven’t), be aware that this post contains spoilers! **



The fight’s only just beginning and we can’t get enough of this blow-by-blow Skulduggery rumble. Three more feisty fans are taking the stage today in their effort to convince you that BOOK TWO – PLAYING WITH FIRE is the all-time greatest of the series. Will it put YOUR favourite book on the ropes??! Over to you superfans… 


Q1. You’re trapped in an alternate dimension. The evil version of you is threatening to use the Decapitator Device on you unless you can explain the plot in less than ten words. What do you say?

Given Name: Bhavani / Taken Name: Adamant Arcane – Play with fire and you’re bound to get burnt.

Given Name: Constantina / Taken Name: Raven Fox – Powerful godly creature and bad guys versus Skulduggery and Valkyrie.

Given Name: C / Taken Name: Dianic Fox –

Serpine: I’m clearly the most evil!
Grotesquery: Hold my beer.



Q2. You break free of the Device, and run. Evil-You gives chase. Evil-You is EVIL. You get to a door, and a voice demands the password. The password is the name of the best character and an explanation in no more than nine words as to WHY this character is the best.

A.A. – Sanguine. Hell, he’s a Texan Hitman with impeccable dress sense.


R.F. – China Sorrows. She is a femme fatale with a unique library.

D.F. – Skulduggery. I have never seen a more dapper bonehead.



Q3. The door opens. You find yourself in a dimly-lit bar. You tell the bartender you’re looking for a shunter named Shadowface. The bartender demands to know which moment from the book made you grin like a demented idiot. Answer him!

A.A. – Any moment with Sanguine and Tanith. She had him grinning like a demented idiot as well, and that’s no mean feat.

R.F. – Well I was grinning like a demented idiot throughout the book. But if I have to choose a particular moment, I’d choose the part when Kenspeckle made Skulduggery wear a pink bunny hospital grown instead of giving him “a perfectly respectable blue one,” because it amused him.

D.F. – “I can be quiet.”

A moment passed.

“So who’ve you got in the crate?…”



Q4. The bartender nods to a man sitting in the corner. You approach. Shadowface tells you he can send you home, providing you tell him which moment in the book would compete for ‘most Skulduggery-ish moment ever written’.

A.A. – Towards the end, when Skulduggery starts giving a wonderful pep talk before everyone goes off to save the world (again), forgets where he was going with the speech and then asks about the whereabouts of his hat. It’s not Skulduggery if he doesn’t give a speech and mention his hat. (If the world can’t be saved, at least he can wear his hat and look good while dying, eh?)


R.F. – For me the most Skulduggery-ish moment ever written was when Skulduggery went to save Valkyrie from the hands of Baron, Dusk and Sanguine and he threatened them with a bomb that, in reality, was “a bag with a collapsible jack, for changing tires” and the remote that opens his garage door. And it worked.

D.F. – “If you don’t see me in five minutes, then I’ve probably died a very brave and heroic death. Oh, and don’t touch the radio – I’ve just got it tuned right where I want it and I don’t want you messing that up.”



Q5. Shadowface takes you on a perilous journey across this dark, unnamed city. You battle unholy terrors. You bond as warriors. He opens a portal to send you home and Evil-You appears, striking him down. With his dying breath, Shadowface asks you how you felt when you finished reading this book. He only has moments to live — answer in less than ten words!

A.A. – Wouldn’t know, I was already onto the next book.

R.F. – I loved it and I was DESPERATE for MORE!

D.F. – Extremely hungry for more magic and mayhem.

Playing With Fire



Q6. You rise, and turn to Evil-You. Evil-You laughs, and says nasty things about your hair. You attack! As you fight, you distract your evil self by describing the book in just three words.

A.A. – Dead. Straight. Awesomeness.

R.F. – Thrilling. Witty. Addictive.

D.F. – Hybrid God wrecked.


Q7. Using nothing but skill, determination, good old-fashioned courage and a rock you picked up from the ground, you emerge victorious from this battle. Before you jump through the portal you look back, and you tell Evil-You that good shall always triumph over wickedness. Then you add, in no more than 150 words, why your favourite book deserves to be crowned the all-time greatest Skulduggery Book Slam champion.

A.A. – Fire is really, really hot, and let me tell you now, this book was smoking. (Probably should have not have read so close to the candlelight…) No, but seriously, I thought nothing could top the first Skulduggery Pleasant. Turns out, Playing with Fire exceeded my every expectation, and I will never stop loving this book. If I could be a Sorcerer, I’d like to be an Adept, with my chosen power being able to erase any memory of seeing something. That way I could reread this series and this fantastic book over and over again. I can honestly say, I extremely enjoyed playing with fire alongside Skulduggery and Valkyrie, and loved every minute of it. Plus, this book introduced the absolutely perfect character of Billy-Ray Sanguine, which truly cemented it in place as my favourite Skulduggery Pleasant novel. Well done Derek Landy, I tip my hat to you.

R.F. – Playing with Fire deserves to be crowned the all-time greatest Skulduggery Book Slam champion and I will prove it right away. It had the greatest villain team up ever and lots of action, the humour was just…indescribably good. I just couldn’t stop reading. But the MOST IMPORTANT thing about why this book is my favourite of the series is that we were introduced to the one and only, the killer supreme and later the zombie king, Vaurien Scapegrace himself!

D.F. – This was the book that finally got me hook, line, and sinker into the Skulduggery world. It dug into my shoulders and dragged me in and never let me out as the adventures continued. With the promise of new adventures in June… Looks like I’ll get to Play With Fire once more.

And you JUMP.

It’s a scorcher, but can Playing With Fire blaze a trail all the way to the number one spot and be crowned the fandom favourite in the Book Slam final vote?Tell us what you think over on Facebook

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