Book Slam – Round 1

The Skulduggery Book Slam – the ultimate battle of the books!
With just weeks to go until the release of Resurrection, join us for 9 days of heated wordsmith warfare as the world’s most dedicated fans take to the arena in an attempt to convince YOU that their favourite book deserves to be crowned the ALL-TIME FANDOM FAVOURITE! Want your chance to join the fray? Don’t get caught cold, follow along on Facebook for all the latest ring-side action…

*** Warning! If you haven’t read Skulduggery Pleasant (and shame on you if you haven’t), be aware that this post contains spoilers! ***




The wait is over, the Book Slam is kicking off today as three fervent fans take to the arena to convince you that BOOK ONE – SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT is the all-time greatest of the series. It’s the original, but is it the best? Over to you superfans… 


Q1. You’re trapped in an alternate dimension. The evil version of you is threatening to use the Decapitator Device on you unless you can explain the plot in less than ten words. What do you say?

Given Name: Amanda / Taken Name: Obsidian Menace – Stephanie discovers her uncle’s horror novels aren’t entirely fictional.

Given Name: Drew / Taken Name: Darah Marin – Living skeleton introduces a 12-year-old to magic warfare.

Given Name: Joléne / Taken Name: Invidious Balefire – Excellent introduction to the best word imaginable.



Q2. You break free of the Device, and run. Evil-You gives chase. Evil-You is EVIL. You get to a door, and a voice demands the password. The password is the name of the best character and an explanation in no more than nine words as to WHY this character is the best.

O.M. – Valkyrie Cain. She is strong-willed, sharp-tongued, relatable, and real.

D.M. – Ghastly Bespoke. He sucked up his pride to save Skulduggery.

Ghastly Bespoke_Character Card

I.B. – Skulduggery Pleasant. His name says it all and he’s impeccably dressed.



Q3. The door opens. You find yourself in a dimly-lit bar. You tell the bartender you’re looking for a shunter named Shadowface. The bartender demands to know which moment from the book made you grin like a demented idiot. Answer him!

O.M. – The ironic conversation that takes place when Skulduggery and Valkyrie realise that Beryl was given the most important item from the will in the form of the broach, even though she doesn’t know it.

“Being a detective isn’t all about torture and murder and monsters. Sometimes it gets truly unpleasant…The fate of the world may depend on whether or not you can bring yourself to visit your relatives.”

D.M. – When Stephanie FINALLY chose her name. The way she introduced herself to (a quite confused) China made my day.


I.B. – Fergus and Beryl’s reactions when they found out Stephanie got Gordon’s property, possessions, assets and royalties while they only got his car, boat and a brooch.


Q4. The bartender nods to a man sitting in the corner. You approach. Shadowface tells you he can send you home, providing you tell him which moment in the book would compete for ‘most Skulduggery-ish moment ever written’.

O.M. – 

“What I was going to say is there’s something about you that is really annoying, and you never do what you’re told, and sometimes I question your intelligence, but even so, I’m going to train you, because I like having someone follow me around like a little puppy. It makes me feel good about myself”

She rolled her eyes. “You are such a moron.”

“Don’t be jealous of my genius.”

“Can you get over yourself for just a moment?”

“If only that were possible.”

“For a guy with no internal organs, you’ve got quite the ego.”

“And for a girl who can’t stand up without falling over, you’re quite the critic.”

“My leg will be fine.”

“And my ego will flourish. What a pair we are.”

D.M. –  When Skulduggery put Serpine under arrest for “possibly littering” (along with murder, of course).


I.B. – The moment Skulduggery burst through the door just in time to save Stephanie from one of Serpine’s cronies.



Q5. Shadowface takes you on a perilous journey across this dark, unnamed city. You battle unholy terrors. You bond as warriors. He opens a portal to send you home and Evil-You appears, striking him down. With his dying breath, Shadowface asks you how you felt when you finished reading this book. He only has moments to live — answer in less than ten words!

O.M. – Relieved there were more to combat the separation anxiety!

D.M. – I wanted to find a living skeleton and fight evil.

I.B. – I couldn’t continue living until I read all the books.

Skulduggery Pleasant Book 1



Q6. You rise, and turn to Evil-You. Evil-You laughs, and says nasty things about your hair. You attack! As you fight, you distract your evil self by describing the book in just three words.

O.M. – Humorous, deep, gripping.

D.M. – Crime gone wrong.

I.B. – Awe-inspiring, electrifying, captivating.



Q7. Using nothing but skill, determination, good old-fashioned courage and a rock you picked up from the ground, you emerge victorious from this battle. Before you jump through the portal you look back, and you tell Evil-You that good shall always triumph over wickedness. Then you add, in no more than 150 words, why your favourite book deserves to be crowned the all-time greatest Skulduggery Book Slam champion.

O.M. – This book has a special place in my heart because you’ll never be quite able to replicate the moment you discovered this world for the first time with its equally deep, thought-provoking, and incredibly humorous plot lines. It holds the most nostalgia for me. It is where we first meet its incredible cast of colourful, original characters, witness the beginnings of their relationships and learn about their motivations and purpose. It is also more character centric than the others, while the plot is still amazing the looming threat of the apocalypse doesn’t seem quite as immediate and the characters still have time to go about their own lives, learn new skills and form bonds. Back then we were all blissfully unaware of the pain to come and each of the successive books have little details which link back to this one, the book that started it all.

D.M. – Every story has a beginning, and it’s normally up to this beginning to draw the reader in. Now, I wouldn’t say this book ‘drew’ me in, it caught me by surprised and dragged me by my feet. It is fair to say that any book in the series could’ve started it off, and any of them could’ve dragged me by my feet, but none of them will ever compare to this one. Skulduggery Pleasant is a masterpiece – it’s original and unimaginable, and it’s the hardest thing in the world to beat. It’s magic.

I.B. – It’s the book that started it all, it introduced me to a world I wish to live in. My life will be forever changed because this book sucked me into a vortex of never ending adventure. I didn’t see daylight for a long time whilst reading the series and it all started as innocent as a Christmas present that was badly wrapped, and inside that bright red paper was Skulduggery Pleasant.

And you JUMP.

What do you reckon minions? Is Book One the one to beat??! Did these warriors miss out YOUR favourite moment? Tell us what you think over on Facebook

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