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27.09.14 – My dearest Operatives

My dearest Operatives.   You rescued Detectives Pleasant and Cain and unaccustomed as I am to such language… you ROCKED!   To celebrate this wonderful achievement in global cooperation, my man Tipstaff tells me that we have made available very … Continued

26.09.2014 – #TheatreOfShadows is upon us…

Operatives! #TheatreOfShadows is upon us. Battle commences at 2.30pm Dublin time. We need your help. Post reactions and support to your fellow Operatives on the ground on the Dublin Sanctuary Facebook Page. Your most valuable comments will be shared – … Continued

Gordon Edgley Review WINNERS

Derek Landy has announced the winners for the Gordon Edgley Review Competition. Check it out here. Congratulations to all them all: Patricia Snake, Sophie Carter, Ella Corkum and Katie Roberts-Malpass!

We have a new lead…

Operatives! We have a new lead. We appear to have at least partially deciphered the soundbite received from Detective Cain on 17th September. Some of you pointed out that Valkyrie could be talking about ‘runes’. We asked for assistance from an … Continued

Gordon Edgley: The Writer. The Man. The Legend.

Gordon Edgley: One of the greatest horror writers of his – or any – time…   To commemorate of the upcoming exhibition celebrating his life and works, we’re holding a review competition. We’ve selected some of his most well-received and … Continued

17.09.2014 – Time is running out…

Operatives, as the time draws near, I feel it is important to share some vital information with you. Following an anonymous tip, we believe Detectives Pleasant and Cain tracked fugitive serial killer Silas Nadir to a location near Dame Street … Continued

04.08.2014 – Status Update in the Hunt

My friends, It is with a heavy heart —but great pride — that I must relate to you the events of the last 24 hours. Having established that the coordinates 39.04, – 115.92 identified the range known as Moody Mountain, … Continued

03.08.2014 – The Hunt for Silas

My friends, Operatives! In haste – we have the full set of coordinates. Thanks to ALL OF YOU for your code breaking efforts. We have triumphed. You should be proud. An elite group of Sanctuary Operatives are being scrambled as … Continued

01.08.2014 – Silas Nadir: The Final Clue

My friends, The final clue has arrived from Silas Nadir. So far you have collaboratively solved the following parts of a code we’re almost certain is a set of coordinates: 39.04, – 115. _ _ All we need is the … Continued

31.07.2014 – Update

My friends, Some of you might already have seen what appears to be a hacking of Derek Landy’s blog by one of Nadir’s accomplices. For those of you who have not, we encourage you swiftly to visit the blog for … Continued

Derek's Blog

American Monsters Tour

The third and final book in the Demon Road series is almost upon us... (of course, if you're in Ireland, it may be upon you already...)Tour details are below. If you can make it, AWESOME. If we're not going anywhere near you, hopefully we will at some stage in the... Read More »

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