Theatre of Shadows

Teachers and Librarians Sacrifice Competition

Not sure what Theatre of Shadows is just yet? No problem, the mystery WILL unfold here

A ground-breaking storytelling event will be happening in Dublin on 27 September, a fan event like no other – spawned from the weird and wonderful mind of award-winning author Derek Landy. If you’re new to his internationally best-selling Skulduggery Pleasant series you can read more about the world and the wonderful fan community here

The final book of 9, The Dying of the Light, is out this August and Derek is inviting his fans to enter INTO the story-world of their heroes with this revolutionary event and live participation. The Dublin event will be ticketed, but fans all over the world are also invited to participate online, so that everyone has a part to play.

We’re offering three tickets + travel and accommodation for one teacher or librarian and two of their students to come and participate as a crack team of Operatives. We’ll send them back to their school loaded down with Skulduggery Pleasant goodies. OH and Derek Landy himself will come to visit the whole school as a thankyou for their sacrif… I mean, friends.  *insert maniacal laughter here.







“My students were hooked on Skulduggery Pleasant right from the beginning. The book works for students like mine because the story is fast-paced, with quick-witted dialogue, and while the language is accessible, it doesn’t talk down to them. The characters are quirky and their interactions are both humorous and heart-warming.  The students laughed out loud in parts, and often read the story in class using different voices, which is a real achievement for them in developing their social imagination.” – Bridget Young, The Holmewood School – Specialist Autism and SEN School


“Derek should come and see just what a difference his books also make to literacy skills. As a non-selective school, we have disaffected students who haven’t read a book in years. Our Friday 5 Reading Club targets these students by providing modern, exciting books. Our motto is How can I read for fun if I have nothing fun to read? Derek’s novels simply make these students want to read again  with quite incredible results.” Colette Bennett, St George’s School.


Mr Sturrock at Quarrydale Academy said this: “He is amazing and a real inspiration.” We couldn’t agree with your more!


“We think you are the best!  You are the pupils favourite.” Mrs Robinson, Scarborough College.


And what about the students? Here’s what they have to say:

“Derek is a great inspiration and a positive influence for us all because he shows what your life could become if you follow your dreams.” We’re with you, Cameron and Maisie from Pinhoe Primary School.


“In Year 6 my teacher read Skulduggery to the class. I fell in love with the story and bought it myself. I now own every single one and have read the first one eight times. I don’t what I’d do without it!” Alex, Faulkner.


“Your [Derek's] imagination and the thought and detail you put into your books is amazing.” Safiya, Bentley Wood High School.


Enough said!


We've put together a series of resources for Key Stage 2 that you can use in activities at your school! Download below. (PDF)


Skulduggery Pleasant Collins Reader

Introduce your students to the fantastic world of Skulduggery Pleasant with the Collins Readers school edition of the first book. Worried that they’ll tear it apart in their ravenous quest to be the first to read it? Worry not, we’ve thought of that and this durable edition has been specially engineered to survive the END OF THE WORLD. Or the perils of the classroom. Whichever comes first.

Derek Landy is proof, if proof were needed, that there is hope out there for students who always find it difficult to keep their minds on the subject at hand.

Having failed his final exams at school and having been kicked out of art college, Derek wasn’t exactly looking forward to the wasted life of mediocrity that stretched out before him. So he decided to finally take something seriously. Much to the delight of readers everywhere (he’s sure), Derek focused on the one passion that had never let him down – writing. He struggled, he worked hard, and after getting two small Irish films made his life changed utterly when Skulduggery Pleasant appeared in his head.

The world has been a much better place ever since.