Introducing the Skulduggery Book Slam!

Your chance to win an inscribed copy of Resurrection signed by Derek!

Skulduggery Pleasant is coming back from the dead and we want you to be the voice of your favourite book from the series, in the ultimate fandom battle!

In a (possibly vain) effort to prepare your feeble brains for the release of the long-awaited new book, Resurrection, we’re introducing the Skulduggery Book Slam!

From that very first meeting at Gordon’s funeral to the whole saving-the-world-on-multiple-occasions thing, we know you each have your favourite characters, your favourite lines, your favourite moments… but which one is the fandom’s favourite book?

That’s what we’re here to find out.

If you want the chance to champion your favourite book in the series and give it a fighting chance at winning the Skulduggery Book Slam, get creative with the form below – deadline for entries, Thursday 4th May.

Oh, and in case you weren’t excited enough already, all 9 entrants chosen to participate in the Book Slam will win an inscribed copy of Resurrection signed by Derek.