Publication Day Tomorrow!

As you know, we've been talking to Derek quite a lot about Skulduggery Pleasant and The Dying of the Light... one last video for you - a little out take from our filming day! Read more »


Derek Landy talks about Skulduggery Pleasant

With just 5 days to go, it's time to get serious: Skulduggery Pleasant vs. Batman? Derek shares his opinion here. Read more »


Derek Landy talks about Skulduggery Pleasant

Can't wait for publication? Don't worry, Derek tells us more about the Skeleton Detective here. Read more »

Derek Landy Blogs Under Duress

TDOTL Spoiler Zone

You all know the drill.This comments section is ONLY for people who have read the final book. Even so, when you comment, try to be subtle about it. I'm always astonished that people will happily go reading stuff that has SPOILERS written all over it, and they have no idea what they've wandered... Read More »