MINIONS… are you ready?

You think you know PAIN? You think you know FEAR? You know NOTHING, Minions. Read more »


Armageddon Outta Here – now in PAPERBACK

We all know that doors are for people with no imagination, so smash the glass and climb through the window to enter the awesome world of Skulduggery Pleasant with this ultimate story collection! Read more »

The Dying of the Light

Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of the Light

Check it OUT! The paperback edition of The Dying of the Light - hitting the shelves on 26th March. Read more »

Derek Landy Blogs Under Duress

Oh, Woe Is Me

It's not easy writing a book.I mean, it's easier than mining coal. It's easier than most factory work. It's probably easier than a lot of office jobs as well.But STARTING to write a book... those first few inches you have to push that boulder till it hits the edge and starts to roll downhill... THAT'S the hard part.Not as hard as teaching, granted. Or working on a farm. Or being a doctor or a nurse or a cop or a fireman. I doubt it's as hard as construction, either, or carpentry, or plumbing,... Read More »