AOH trailer

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly bring you the trailer for Armageddon Outta Here. Behold the awesome...   Read more in Derek's latest blog post

The Requiem Ball

  Minions, Derek is delighted to announce that a special, exclusive gathering will take place in London on publication day, August 28th. Read his blog to find out more about...

Skulduggery Teaser v2

Derek Landy Blogs Under Duress

This Just In...

Wow.Um, hi.So... Silas is busy right now. He's just, like, got stuff to do. He told me to give you guys the next few questions. So, like, here I am, to...Sorry. I'm sorry. I guess I'm kinda nervous. All you folks paying attention to what I've got to say. Heh. I've never been famous before. I've only killed, like, four people. My ultimate aim is to kill 85 people, because then my bodycount will be in the 80s, which is, like, my favourite year for movies.Silas wanted me to give you these clues... Read More »